Ozone sterilization lamp

Min. Order : 10 Pieces

Payment Type : L/C,T/T,Money Gram,Western Union

Incoterm : FOB,CFR,CIF

Delivery Time : 7 Days

Name : UV ozone sterilization lamp

Rated Power : 2.5 W

Voltage : 5 V

Wavelength : 185 nm

sterilization time : 30 Minutes

size : 65 mm*132 mm

1. Sterilization principle of ultraviolet lamp;

Ultravoilet lamp destroys DNA(deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA(ribonucleic acid) of bacteria and viruses by irradiation, so that bacteria and viruses loss of vitality and fertility to achieve disinfection;

2. Does this portable sterilizing lamp really work ?

UVC lamp with ozone double disinfection, especially suitable for small space and difficult to clean corner; Charging design to facilitate the sterilization of hotel sheets and pillowcases during business trip ;

3. How long can a full charge last ?

Equipped with 700mA battery and micro USB , full charge can be used 1-2 times;

4. Lamp life?

Lamp can be used for 8000hours , the product are entitled to one year warranty services;

5. Will the ozone generated during the disinfection cause harm to people ?

When disinfection is completed, ozone can be quickly oxidized and decomposed without residue and secondary pollution, and will not cause harm to human. Only when the ozone concentration more than 0.3 mg/m^3 will it cause harm to the human ;

6. What are the ozone concentration and UV fluxes of UV lamps ?

The Ozone concentration of lamp is 0.3 mg/cm^3, The ultraviolet radiation flux is 0.55W, when the UV intensity is less than 80, the sterilization effect cannot be achieved, then the lamp needs to be replaced.


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Ozone sterilization lamp