UV mobile phone Sterilization Box

Min. Order : 10 Pieces

Payment Type : L/C,T/T,Money Gram,Western Union

Incoterm : FOB,CFR,CIF

Delivery Time : 7 Days

Number of UV lamp beads : 3

Number of UV lamps : 2

Aromatherapy voltage/current : 5V /0.15A

Disinfection voltage/current : 5V/0.4A

UVC wavelength : 254nm

Switch mode : physical key switch

Aromatherapy time : 5 minutes

Sterilization time : 5 minutes

Product size : 12.7*23.4*4.9cm

Power supply mode : USB power supply

1. Sterilization rate 99.99%
2. The product has long life and strong durability
3. Exquisite and compact, easy to carry, does not occupy space
4. Comprehensive disinfection and sterilization, side cross ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization, 360-degree circulation without dead angle.
5. Aromatherapy function.
6. Multifunctional disinfection, which can sterilize mobile phones, masks, jewelry and watches.


Instructions for disinfection function:

1. Short press the disinfection switch button, the blue light turns on, the voice broadcasts "Disinfection start" in Chinese and English, starts disinfection, and automatically shuts down after 5 minutes, and the voice broadcasts "Disinfection end" in Chinese and English.

2. During disinfection, if the lid is opened, in order to prevent minor burns to the eyes, the disinfection lamp will go out and the disinfection will stop. When the lid is closed, the disinfection will resume.

3. There are four LEDs in the middle to show the timing progress: the first one is 0-25%, the second one is 25-50%, the third one is 50-75%, and the fourth one is 75-100%.

Instructions for the aromatherapy function:

Short press the aromatherapy switch button, the blue light will turn on, the voice will announce the Chinese and English "aromatherapy start", start the aromatherapy function, after 5 minutes, it will automatically turn off, the voice broadcasts the Chinese and English "aromatherapy end". (Liquid aromatherapy must be purchased separately)

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UV mobile phone Sterilization Box